Mykyta Shapoval about the Great revolution and its leaders

  • L. S. Sokolova
Keywords: Ukrainian revolution, historiography of the Ukrainian revolution, leader-politician


The article actualised the book of the Ukrainian sociologist Mykyta Shapoval "The Great Revolution" (1928), which deals with the events in Ukraine, to which the author was a participant ten years ago (1917–1920). The scientist analyzed and generalized social processes and phenomena on Ukrainian ethnic lands; showed the features of the social structure and the attitude of social groups; the activities of political parties and leaders; in a separate section revealed the phenomenon of bolshevism. The article gives a generalized comparative description of Ukrainian politicians of the times of the revolution, given by their
contemporary, associate and opponent - N. Shapoval, who became a historian of the revolution. Unlike "occasional people" in the revolution, M. Shapoval - the theorist of the revolution formulated the requirements for a real leader-politician, which have not lost their
relevance to this day.

Author Biography

L. S. Sokolova

Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor of the Department of Ukrainian
Studies Odesa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture


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