N. G. Repnin’s activity, referring to the development of culture in the Poltava and Chernihiv provinces

  • O. Yu. Zakharova
Keywords: N. G. Repnin, Poltava and Chernigiv provinces, education


Repnin’s activity referring to the development of culture in Poltava and Chernigiv provinces is nalysed in this article Nikolay Grigoryevich Repnin (Volkonskiy) was one of the outstanding statesmen of his time, the hero of Austerlitz (1805), governor General of Saxon Kingdom (1813–1814), military governor of Poltava and Chernigiv provinces (1816–1835). It narrates about Repnin’s role in the opening of some institutions in Poltava Province: Poltava Institute of the Noble girls, College of Law for the poor office clerks and School of scribes. It also narrates about his relationships with an actor M. Sh. Schepking, who mostly due to N. G. Repnin was freed from serfdom, with a poet W. W. Kapnist, historian D. N. Nantysh-Kamenskiy. It was shown that the opening of the educational institutions in the region, some help to the famous representatives of science, art and education was an important part of his administrative activity for Repnin. In the modern native and foreign historiography we do not know about the studies dedicated to N. G Repnin’s educational activity in Poltava and Chernigiv provinces and also about his role in the opening of some educational institutions in the Eastern Part of Ukraine. In this work the published sources and also archival materials of the State Archive of the Chernihiv Region and the Russian State Historical Archive (St. Petersburg) are used.


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