"The Limit of Love" in the story "The Old world landowners" of N. V. Gogol

  • V. V. Liubetska PhD; Senior Lecturer, Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University
Keywords: poetry, prose, idyll


The article is devoted to the story "The old world landowners" of N. V. Gogol. It substantiates the idea of eternity and all-the integrity of love, which has reached its "limit" when the two became the one. It can be traced how the old world is changing when rational (the synonymous with evil) enters. "Mental infancy" – a pledge of the existence of earthly paradise, but the idyll comes to an end with the "knowledge". There is a violation of the external borders of the old world of landowners, where the space in is clearly divided into "their" and "foreign". The estate of Pulcheria Ivanovna and Afanasy Ivanovich is the House with a capital letter, and the main foundation of this House is love, which indicates that N. V. Gogol’s characters are connected. Even after the death and understanding the inevitable death of the patriarchal life
love remains, where "the two will be the one" (P. Florensky). In this paper, the author focuses on such peculiarities of Gogol prose as poetry. It also underlines that the story "The old world landowners" – is the poetization of the prose of life.


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On the occasion of Gogol’s 210 birthday anniversary