Existential motifs in the poetry of Iryna Shuvalova

  • O. M. Kaplenko Associate Professor of Ukrainian Literature and Journalism Department, Nizhyn Gogol State University
Keywords: poetry, Iryna Shuvalova, existential


The article deals with the writings of modern Ukrainian poetess Iryna Shuvalova. The debut poetry collection "Ran" (2011), as well as the two following collections "Os" (2014) and "Az" (2014) became a notable phenomenon in the modern literature of Ukraine. Her works were awarded numerous prizes, including "Smoloskyp", "Blahovist", Ukrainian-German Oles Honchar prize, etc. The poetess got positive reviews, but the formation of literary-critical discourse on the codification of her creative work is still active. Her poetry is metaphorical, saturated with allusions and cultural signs, she uses various poetry forms, and her verses are characterized by richness of images and visuality. Despite the fact that emotions in each collection are different, it is advisable to perceive the
lyrics of all three collections as a whole, since most of artistic images are basic and repetitive. Appealing to the philosophical depth of her lyric poetry, the author makes an attempt to read existential motifs of the poetess. In the centre of attention there are, first of all, meaningful intentions and the logic of their development from the finality of human existence awareness through the growth of anxiety, discontent, fear and despair, through comprehension and
enlightenment to the joy of being, love, happiness and light. The whole spectrum of emotions is fully revealed in a cyclic form, which aims the reader on self-sufficiency and completeness of the process, and also opens the prospect of further analysis of Iryna Shuvalova’s writings in the context of mythological, biblical, culturological codes.


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