Between the text of the original and the translation: a few attention to the language of Janusz Korczak

  • Z. Weigt professor, doctor of sciences, linguist, on the department of German philology Humanitarian economic academies in Lodz.
Keywords: Korczak, works, ranslations


Janusz Korczak, a doctor, pedagogue and writer, left behind rich literary legacy in the form of dramas, novels, essays, narrative stories and others, in which children’s life situation and the defence of their rights were presented. In addition, he is the author of pedagogicalmagazines and scientific dissertations on upbringing as well as numerous sociomedical dissertations. His works have been translated into more than twenty languages. The purpose of the submitted article is to conduct an exemplary comparative analysis of the selected original Korczak's texts and their German translations. The researcher's attention
was focused mainly on the lexical, syntactic and stylistic layers of the text. The results obtained allow for a few remarks about style and language of Korczak. The issues of translatability vs. lack of full equivalence remain in close relation to the results of the analysis and the translation process.


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