Historiographycal review of intercultural dialogue and self-identity in politics

  • E. M. Kuchmenko
Keywords: historiography, individual freedom, equal autonomy of individuals


In the article, from the point of view of historiography, the problem of self-identity and intercultural dialogue in politics is examined. The views of Ch. Taylor, U. Kimlika, S. Benhabib, A. Gupti, J. Fergusen, N. Fraser concerning the influence of cultural factors on political processes are analyzed. The focus of the researcher on the above-mentioned problem is the concept of multiculturalism, which is actively developed by modern Western sociologists, as well as the question of the extent to which the principles of multiculturalism contradict the liberal foundations of Western democracy, to what extent "cultural claims" are combined with fundamental ideas about freedom and equality , as well as places of culture in modern political processes. For this purpose, the author of the article refers to the views of S. Benhabib, who in her works tries to find this measure through an analysis of the forms of interaction between tradition and norm, the complementarity of customs and law. S. Benkhabib adheres to the "middle way", theoretically justifies it, and clearly, while noting that the principles of liberalism can not under any circumstances be sacrificed to abstract intercultural solidarity.

Author Biography

E. M. Kuchmenko

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Department of World History and International
Relationships, Nizhyn State University named after Nikolai Gogol


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