Verbalization of ethnocultural concepts in the poem of Panteleimon Kulish "Marusya Boguslavka"

  • А. Kaіdash PhD, assistant professor, Nizhyn Gogol State University
Keywords: Panteleimon Kulish, a poem, art work


The basic ethno-cultural concepts used in the poem of the Ukrainian writer of the 19th century Panteleimon Kulish "Marusya Boguslavka" are considered in the article. The linguistic analysis of language units is made through manifestation of the specificity of using the linguistic material in a semantic, correlative and cultural directions. One of the aspects of the scientific interest of Panteleimon Kulish was the ethno-cultural heritage of the Ukrainians. Realizing the link of nationality with the language encouraged the researcher to the ground studio of ethnographic and the language material as well into the cultural heritage of our ancestors. Investigating scientifically thoroughly the accessible folk material, the scientist focused on those traits of the Ukrainians being national culture carriers, which were connected with different spheres – thinking, understanding the world, the worldview, the language and cultural interpretation. These deep structures of a man’s intellectual activity in their interconnections created a unique code of a national culture of the Ukrainians. Being a genial writer, P. Kulish could use skilfully the investigated scientific material in his creative work. One of the brightest examples of incarnation the historical plot is the poem
"Marusya Boguslavka". The recognized scientific works in the Ukrainian linguistics do not cover all the depth of textual investigation of the talented author’s creative work, studying of which will enrich modern linguistics as well. The conceptual sphere of the poem written by P. Kulish "Marusya Boguslavka" contains a number of word-formations with an ethnocultural component. Such concepts appeal to long-standing cultural traditions, reveal the specifics of a mental sphere of our ancestors, preserve the historical memory of the nation. Images visualized in the article - toponyms, hydronyms, mythonyms form the conceptual system of the art work, which accumulates the acquisition of a material and spiritual culture of the Ukrainians as well.


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