Dominants of Panteleimon Kulish’s artistic idolect

  • N. I. Boiko Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Ukrainian Language Department of Nizhyn Mykola Hohol State University
  • L. I. Kotkova Candidate of philological sciences, teacher-methodologist of Nizhyn lyceum
Keywords: artistic idiolect, lexico-semantic components, phraseological units


The article is devoted to the characterization of the language picture of the Panteleimon Kulish world through the prism of lexical and phraseological dominants as significant components of the author’s hierarchy of artistic idolect, represented by the conceptosphere, its objectifiers, lexical and phraseological verbalizers. It was found that P. Kulish’s artistic language has successfully combined folk-speaking sources of the Ukrainian language with elements of the Old Ukrainian linguistic tradition, representing high number of other dominant positions of the author, which serve as the core of his poetic and fiction
texts. The functions of the linguistic dominant are performed by units of lexical-semantic and phraseological levels. They objectify the richness of the lexical-semantic and phrasal composition of the language of P. Kulish’s works in general. The author’s texts reflect the deep and expressive Ukrainian-centrism through the prism of time-space constituents of the megaconcept Ukraine. The distinctive dominant features of P. Kulish’s artistic idiolect are the verbalized folk motifs explicating spoken sources, the folk components of the system of expressive and imaginative means. The emotional and evaluative dominance of the artistic idiolect as a reflection of the intensities of the linguistic personality is deduced. It is established that the principle of "living ethnography" oriented the author to the reproduction of deep folk traditions in prose and poetic texts, which combined emotional-evaluation lexemes with deminitive-meliorative and augmentative-pejorative suffixes and nationally labeled paraphrases. The distinguished dominants of the writer’s artistic idolect reflect the synthesis of the author’s worldview, the individual system of approaches to different verbal means and methods, their choice. The idiosyncrasy of the writer is observed in the reproduction of the living linguistic element of the masses, in the objectification of the national identity of peasant life, folk customs and rituals; in the close relationship of personal speach and epoch.


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To the jubilee of Kulish P. A. (200-th birthday anniversary)