To the problem of the relationship Zemsky liberal frontier and the conservative nobility of northern Ukraine(60–80 th ХІХ с.)

  • N. Kotelnitsky Candidate of Historical Sciences, сorresponding мember of the Center for Ukrainian Studies Institute of Europe RAS
Keywords: aristocratic corporation, zemstvo institutions, conservative nobility


The publication deals with the problems of the relationship between the zemstvo liberal fronts and the conservative citizenship of northern Ukraine(60–80 th ХІХ с.). The essence of the political conflict is shown and the main plots of this confrontation between the two groups of the aristocratic corporation of the region are illustrated. The author concludes the political antagonism between reactionary and conservative and liberal-democratic nobility in the north of the Left Bank of Ukraine was inevitable and a natural eccentricity of the social life of the region, which fundamentally changed after the fateful transformations of the era of the Great Reforms(1856–1874) in the Russian Empire. The modern day in the history of the country finally separated the two currents of the aristocratic corporation of the state, which formed a stable ground for the emergence of systemic conflicts and confrontation. In the conditions of the provincial realities of northern Ukraine, concrete manifestations of these metamorphoses took place around competence, responsibility, accountability, and interests of social groups; complex of legal and organizational issues of functioning of the institutions of corporate self-government of the nobility of the region; numerous problems of corruption in the area of delimitation of the land fund of the Northern Left Bank; politically motivated and prejudiced acts of supreme authority regarding the non-recognition of the electoral rights of liberal peasants, their deliberate discredit; neglect of the nobility’s interest in the Ukrainian Polissya. On the whole, it must be admitted that the systematic, principled opposition between the two parts of the nobility of Sivershchyna quickly crystallized the formation and creation of the respective parties in the political landscape – a governmental, conservative, fully defending the course of Russian autocracy, and a liberal, representing the philosophy of the democratic circles of the community in the region.


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