The phenomenon of the sociolocus "Irzhavets"

  • V. Kuzyk Phd, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Art Studies. in the Department of Musicology and Ethnomusicology in the Maxym Rylskyi’s Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology
Keywords: history of Ukraine, regional study, Irzhvats village


The paper deal with original "sociolokus" – Irzhavets village of Ichnya district of Chernigiv province – connected with story about the miracle-working icon of Divine Mother. Taras Shevchenko dedicated poem to this icon. The Irzhavets village is the birth place for prominent persons in national cultural field. The subject "Ukraine as a phenomena geo-genetic area and geo-genetic node" is describe in current paper. It was mentioned expression "geo-genetic area" and "geo-genetic node" concerned with a term "sociolokus" as a value of effective the aforementioned phrases. There are some reasons (geographical location, historical and cultural life) of exist of Irzhavets village of Chernigiv-Siver region (nowadays Ichnya district of Chernigiv province) as unique phenomena of "sociolokus". Analyzing geographic-geological information of Irzhavets’ location, it was disproved previous explain and find real meaning of the name of this ancient settlement. It was review the history of building of Holy Trinity church, supported by philanthropies the Storozhenko Ivan, George and Mychailo, Ivan Galagan. The genealogies of the Storozhenko and Revutskyi family were demonstrated. As well historical view of before revolution Irzhavets in XIX century and "kolgosp village" in XX was presented. The social and cultural values of this village keep the beautiful landscape and its citizens, heirs of Cossack in Chmelnytskyi period. The history of Irzhavets shows increasing interest to this village as original ethno social and cultural area of Left Bank Ukraine region. There is mysterious of Irzhavets in triad: power of miracle-working icon of Divine Mother, Taras Shevchenko words and pictures, activities and life of prominent families of the Storozhenko and Revutskyi.


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