Orthodox churches of the Pyriatyn district of the second half of the XVIII century

  • V. А. Dmytrenko Candidate of Art studies, associate professor of the Department of Culturology and Methods of Teaching of the Culturological Disciplines under the Faculty of Technology and Design of Poltava V. G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University
Keywords: metropolitan Kyiv, Pyriatyn District, parish priests


The article investigates the Orthodox churches that operated on the territory of the Pyriatyn district in the second half of the XVIII century. On the basis of information on the number of churches and clerics and confessional registers, the number of temples in the district is set. It has been found that their number has changed. So in 1758 there were 43, in 1770 there were 65 churches in the territory of the district, in 1785–66, and in 1795–62. Such fluctuations are explained by the transfer of parishes from one district to another. In total, the district in the study period included 87 churches. It was found that 60 % of the temples needed repairs or alterations. The main problems were: leakage of the roof, destruction of the foundation and fire. It was found out that in case of
impossibility of repair the new temple was erected. In 70%, it was erected in a new place. This is due to the fact that near the old church, as a rule, there were burial grounds that made construction impossible. On the basis of materials on the repair and construction of churches, it was established that the election of a new place took place with the consent of all parishioners, taking into account the legal issue of ownership of the soils and the degree of remoteness from residential and commercial buildings. It was investigated that the main building material used to build churches was a tree. Mostly it was oak and pine. It was established that on average the construction of a new church in the district lasted for two years.


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