Mykola Lysenko and stryi region: vectors of contacts

  • O. О. Kuznetsova MSc, Postgraduate Student of Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University, Institute of Music
Keywords: Stryi and Stryi region, conductor, composer, folklore


The article reveals Mykola Lysenko’s influence on the musical, social and cultural life of Stryi and Stryi region. It has been clarified that the artist’s contacts with the region include the personal, the cultural, the artistic and the social vectors. The personal vector is connected with the figures of his contemporaries Ostap Nyzhankivskyi and Filaret Kolessa. They got to know M. Lysenko through correspondence, and communicated with him personally at the Jubilee of the 35th anniversary of his artistic creativity. Their letters had been a real "correspondence school" for raising the professional level of both, composers and folklorists. Basing on the correspondence with M. Lysenko, F. Kolessa wrote several articles on ethnology. Besides, he was the first one among Galician musicologists, who made a scientific review of M. Lysenko’s 35 years long artistic creativity. The cultural and the artistic vectors unfold in the foundation of the branch of the Musical Institute named after M. Lysenko, in aspects of Marta Kravtsiv’s work, publishing of the magazine "Ukrainian music" in Stryi, several theatrical productions staged by Stryi Theater. The public vector consists in setting M. Lysenko’s bust on the pediment of the People’s House, along with other prominent Ukrainians. Stryi gymnasiums, choruses and the soloists of the "Stryi Boyan", teachers and students of the branch of the Musical Institute named after M. Lysenko spiritually and patriotically grew up with his compositions. His works were performed from the theatrical scene and the concert hall of the People’s House. Many musicians, who were born later or temporarily lived in Stryi, also experienced M. Lysenko’s influence. Some of them, such as M. Kravtsiv-Barabash, transferred his instructions overseas. The prospects for the issue are in the further study of the influence of M. Lysenko on artists from Stryi region, including those who became the Ukrainians abroad.


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