The violin in culture of Prykarpattya on the pages of Ivano-Frankivsk journal "galytchyna"

  • T. V. Jurchylo Master in the Educational-Scientific Institute of Art under Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: Journal “Galytchyna”, Prykarpattya, violin


According to the Ivano-Frankivsk journal “Galychyna” considering cultural and art life of town event and area information has been arranger in this paper first time. The articles of the journal founded in 1991 contain information about violin’s musical tradition of the past and present. It popularizes activities of musician concerning they art in Prykartapattya, experiences and learning of each one in violin performance. Attention have been paid to personalities performers of different ages, for example, Bohdan Ivasyk, winner of many art competitions and Roman Kumlyk a one man band, and Mykhailo Tymofiiv, Roman Shmygelskyi and Fedir Kravchuk who performed in Argentine and Spain. Analyze have been given to the content of the articles, that could help to hear song of violin as perfect musical instrument. The Ira Melnyk’s performance was mentioned with orchestra “Harmonia Noble” with its tour to 32 states in the world in Western Europe, Asia, Africa. The journal “Galychyna” contains information about Sergii Cherniak’s orchestra, ensemble "Quattro corde" with its conductor Alzhela Prychodko. Explored a lot of festival as “Junior virtuoso”, “Carpathian area”, and festival dedicate Kwitka Tsisyk, who likes violin as head of musical instruments, ethno festival “Kosmach – the room of the sun”. Lina Kostenko and Ivan
Malkovich also mentioned in this journal.


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