The figure of Panteleimon Kulish in creative heritage of Petro Stebnytskyi

  • I. О. Demuz PhD hab. (History), Associate Professor, the Head of the Chair of Document Science Department, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University
Keywords: Petro Stebnytskyi, Panteleimon Kulish, biography


In the article is analyzed the legacy of the Ukrainian publisher and publicist Petro Stebnytskyi, dedicated to the figure and creativity of Panteleimon Kulish, in particular, the publication "Cultural and Public Work of P. O. Kulish" and the manuscript entitled "Panteleimon Kulish". It is proved that P. Stebnytskyi also added his page into the so-called "Kulish studies". P. Stebnytskyi’s assessment of public figures / writers was, first and foremost, a measure of the benefit that the person has brought to the Ukrainian national matter, the formation of civic consciousness and the upholding of national interests of Ukrainians. It is emphasized that in the processes of national and political self-identification for the representatives of the Ukrainian elite at the border of 19–20 centuries, including Petro Stebnytskyi, Panteleimon Kulish became a significant figure. It was stated that the publicist equated P. Kulish with M. Drahomanov and I. Franko in importance to Ukrainian history, and believed that the writer had started literary-critical studies of Ukrainian national literature; P. Stebnytskyi tried to understand the "Kulish phenomenon", the motives and reasons for his sharp anti-Ukrainian position. At the same time, he with deliberate criticism approached the evaluation of P. Kulish’s journalistic writings. Moreoven, attention was drawn to the unpublished (and possibly even lost) manuscript of P. Stebnytskyi’s work "P. O. Kulish in letters from his wife".


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