Linguistic Heritage of Professor A. S. Zelen’ko (the 85th anniversary)

  • Nataliia Klypa Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Slavic Philology, Comparative Studies and Translation Department, Nizhyn Mykola Gogol State University
Keywords: heritage, linguistics, semasiology


The article analyzes the heritage of Nizhyn Higher School’s graduate and university teacher, Zelenko Anatolii Stepanovych. The article gives a brief description of scientific heritage of A. Zelenko, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Higher School of Ukraine, Member of the International Academy of Pedagogical Education, Current Professor of the Department of Slavic Philology, Comparative Studies and Translation of Nizhyn Gogol State University. It is noted that the the scientist’s spectrum of interest is quite wide and includes dialectological studies presented by PhD and Doctoral theses; sociolinguistic studies, which are reflected in a number of publications; studies on problems of semasiology, reproduced in the monograph "General Linguistics". A special attention is paid to works the aim of which is to rehabilitate N. Y. Marr, a well-known academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences who was undeservedly neglected during Stalin cult. The monograph "Problems of Semasiology in the Aspect of Linguistic Paradigm Evolution (semantics of pragmatics, paradigmatics and syntagmatics)" highlights the problems of semantics in terms of paradigmatic analysis in linguistics. It also analyzes syntagmatics in the language development as an analogue of the vertical gene transfer in genetics in terms of isomorphism of the gene and language code. The focus is on lexical and synergetic determinism as methodology studies of linguistic phenomena.


1. Zelenko, A. S. (2003) Osnovy leksykolohii (pid kutom zoru teorii linhvistychnoho determinizmu) [Fundamentals of lexicology (from the perspective
of the theory of linguistic determinism]. Luhansk [in Ukrainian].
2. Zelenko, A. S. (2016) Prahmatychnyi aspekt doslidzhennia znachennia na etapi kohnityvnoi paradyhmy [The pragmatic aspect of the study of meaning at the stage of the cognitive paradigm] Literatura i kultura Polissia – Literature and Culture of Polissia, 84. 117–128. [in Ukrainian].
3. Zelenko, A. S. (2016) Problemy semasiolohii v aspekti evoliutsii linhvistychnykh paradyhm (semantyka prahmatyky, paradyhmatyky y syntahmatyky) [Problems of semasiology in the aspect of linguistic paradigm evolution (semantics of pragmatics, paradigmatics and syntagmatics)]. Nizhyn [in Ukrainian].
4. Zelenko, A. S. (2018) Nove vchennia M. Ia. Marra, charomut P. Ia. Lukashevycha, abrakadabra M. M. Rashkevycha [The new doctrine of M. Ya. Marra, marvel by P. Y. Lukashevich, Abracadabra by M. M. Rashkevich] Nizhyn [in Ukrainian].
5. Zelenko, A. S., Bondar N. O. (2018) Psykholoholinhvistychne obhruntuvannia teorii i praktyky khudozhnoho perekladu [Psychological and
linguistic substantiation of theory and practice of literary translation]. Literatura i kultura Polissia – Literature and Culture of Polissia, 93. 208–220 [in Ukrainian].
6. Zelenko, A. S., Petryk, O. M. (2019) Psykholohichne obhruntuvannia vykorystannia zistavnoho analizu v teorii i praktytsi ukrainsko-rosiiskoho
perekladu [The psychological rationale for using comparable analysis in the theory and practice of Ukrainian-Russian translation] Literatura i kultura Polissia – Literature and Culture of Polissia, 95. 222–236 [in Ukrainian].
7. Kireienko, K. V. (2015) Katehoriia kontseptu v naukovii teorii profesora A. S. Zelenka [Concept category in scientific theory of Professor A. S. Zelenko] Naukovi zapysky Nizhynskoho derzhavnoho universytetu imeni Mykoly Hoholia – Scientific notes of Nizhyn Gogol State University, 3. 52–56 [in Ukrainian].
8. Kireienko, K. V. (2015) Katehoriia kartyny svitu v naukovii kontseptsii profesora A. S. Zelenka. Linhvokohnityvni ta sotsiolohichni aspekty komunikatsii. [Category of a world picture in the scientific concept of professor A. S. Zelenko. Linguistic cognitive and sociological aspects of communication] Naukovi zapysky Ostrozkoi akademii – Scientific notes of Ostroh Academy, 58. 36–39 [in Ukrainian].
9. Klypa, N. I. (2019) Linhvopsykholohichna mizhpredmetnist u vyznachenni problematyky movnoi diialnosti v kursi zahalnoho movoznavstva [Linguistic and psychological interdisciplinarity in determining the problems of linguistic activity in the course of Linguistics] Literatura i kultura Polissia – Literature and Culture of Polissia, 95. 124–132 [in Ukrainian].

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To the 85th anniversary of the birth of A. S. Zelen’ko