The Regional Aspects of Ukrainian Prose in the Romantic Era

  • Zh. Yankovska Doctor of Philology, Professor, Department of Cultural Studies and Philosophy The National University of Ostroh Academy
Keywords: literary prose of the Romantic era, regional studies, ekphrasis (topoekphrasis)


The first half of the 19th century is the period of formation of new Ukrainian literature as a whole and the prose genre in particular. This was the Romantic era, which was not a homogenous movement in Ukrainian literature and integrated elements of sentimentalism, romanticism itself, and realism. Literary works of that period were mainly focused on oral literature, especially the prose which literally "grew" out of the folk narrative, and thus is related to a particular region, which is easily recognizable in the texts. In this context, such names as M.Hohol, H.Kvitka-Osnovianenko, O.Storozhenko, Hanna Barvinok, P.Kulish and many others as well as their works are worth mentioning. Among the main criteria, which identify the association with a certain region, there are the following three ones: 1) the story arc in which the main emphasis is made on paroemiac phraseological units; 2) descriptions that are clearly related to a certain area: landscapes, villages, yards, house interior (topoekphrasis); 3) detailed, ethnographically accurate portraits of characters (antropoekphrasis). Different language aspect of fictional prose in the Romantic era either have been rigorously studied or, in case with regional studies, require a separate research. As for the description of a locality, or a particular space and portraits, they deserve close attention and are the subject of this study. They take a prominent place in the story arc of the works of this period, concurrently depicting the local tradition, the dominating style and movement in the literature, as well as the author’s style, defining by this not only regional ties of this prose but also the degree of its "fictionality".


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