Faunal images in the prose of Nikolay Vingranovsky: the linguistic aspect

  • А. Kaіdash PhD, assistant professor, associate professor of the department of the Ukrainian language and teaching methods of the Educational and Scientific Institute of philology, translation and journalism of Nizhyn Mykola Gogol State University
  • V. І. Khomych PhD, assistant professor, associate professor of the department of Social Sciences and Humanities, a Separate unite of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute
Keywords: Mykola Vingranovsky, prose, zoonym


The article deals with the lexical units of denoting representatives of the animal world. Linguistic and stylistic analysis is carried out on the basis of prose works of the Ukrainian writer Mykola Vingranovsky. This prose contains many zoonyms because animalistic images are the main component of the figurative system of the authorʼs speech. The descriptive method used in the proposed article allowed to outline the lexical and
semantic field of fauna nominations. It is represented by both anonymous and appellate nominations. Despite the fact that most of the analyzed images are verbalized with the help of common names, there zoonyms have a bright invidual-image characteristic. Distributive analysis has assisted the study of faunal nominations in artistic text structures. Thus, in particular, it was found that the stylistic load of zoonyms is enhanced by the use of these names in the context of phraseology, stylistically reduced vocabulary. The world of nature depicted by the writer appears as a holistic, harmonious living system, the representatives of which in the author’s language are endowed with human features and properties. Zoonyms are expressed by personification, a bright marker of which is their own names – nicknames of a cow and a horse. Most of the names are appellant, but each of them is written by a talented artist in special individual style. The article also focuses on the color of names that are associated with the natural world. Yellow is dominant in this spectral system. In Mykola Vingranovsky’s pen, the world of nature and mankind interact with each other. And it clearly shows the author’s modality the color of admiration, love, kind and caring attitude to nature.


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