Lingualrealityof Ukraine in sociolinguistic dimension. Review of the monograph: I. S. Makarets. Status and state of the Ukrainian language in independent Ukraine: sociolinguistic dimension: monograph. Kyiv: LAT&К, 2019. 209 p.

  • N. I. Boyko Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Department of Ukrainian Language Nizhyn Mykola Gogol State University


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Boyko, N. I. “Lingualrealityof Ukraine in Sociolinguistic Dimension. Review of the Monograph: I. S. Makarets. Status and State of the Ukrainian Language in Independent Ukraine: Sociolinguistic Dimension: Monograph. Kyiv: LAT&К, 2019. 209 P.”. Literature and Culture of Polissya, Vol. 98, no. 14f, May 2020, pp. 278-82, doi:10.31654/2520-6966-2020-14f-98-278-282.