Actualization the forms of the participle in the artistic movement of O. Gonchar

  • S. P. Shevchenko The assistant of the department of methodology of teaching Ukrainian language and literature, Nizhyn Mykola Gogol State University
Keywords: participle, passive and active forms of participle, ndividual style


The article analysed the form, which is used in the artistic movement in the small prose of O. Gonchar, semantic, formally-grammatical and stylistic peculiarities. The direction of the use of passive and active forms in textual fragments of various types of information. Occasional participle word forms, which is inherent in the language formation of Oles Gonchar are found. Found out that some of them are motivated by verbs, which are not fixed in the general dictionaries. The role of the participle of an important functional and stylistic method has been assigned to the writer.


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