Consumer cooperation of the Ukrainian SSR in the international cooperative movement in the second half of the twentieth century as a manifestation of the ideological struggle with the West

  • O. S. Sydorovych Candidate of Science (History), Associate Professor of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Sciences of Separated Subdivision NULESU "Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute"
Keywords: consumer cooperation, Ukrainian SSR, international cooperative movement


The participation of consumer cooperation of the Ukrainian SSR in the international cooperative movement in the second half of the twentieth century is considered. In particular, the article analyzes the established procedure for celebrating the International Day of Cooperation in the Ukrainian SSR. In the conditions of the Soviet reality, the celebration of this day was purely formal. Namely: a grand meeting with the pronunciation of ritual speeches, a concert with the participation of folk amateur performances and relevant publications in the central and regional periodicals. In fact, the international day of cooperation under Soviet conditions turned into another of the so-called industry days, such as the day of the police, the day of the miner, the day of the metallurgist, etc. In addition, attention was focused on identifying the forms of participation of Soviet cooperation in the international cooperative movement. Cooperators of the Ukrainian SSR established a predominant number of international contacts with the neighboring countries of the socialist camp, such as Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Romania. The usual form of such international activity was the socalled "delegation exchanges". In most cases, given the subordinate nature of cooperation in the socialist countries, these exchanges acted as ordinary visits of politeness. The activities of the Soviet delegation in the International Cooperative Alliance were also investigated. It is revealed that the main task of the Soviet cooperators was to support the external efforts of the USSR aimed at ideological and diplomatic confrontation with the countries of the West. In general, the international activities of both the Ukrainian SSR and its consumer cooperatives were not independent, but strictly followed the plans developed in Moscow.


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