This periodical was founded in 1990 by Prof. H. V. Samoylenko

According to Resolution of Higher Attestation Board of 30 June 2015 and order of the Ministry of Education and Science № 747 this collection of research papers is re-registered and listed among the scientific periodicals appropriate for publishing the results of dissertation theses in history.

According to Resolution of Ukrainian Higher Attestation Board and order of Ministry of Education of Ukraine of 21 December 2015 N 1328 this collection of research papers is re-registered and listed among the scientific periodicals appropriate for publishing the results of theses by applicants for Degrees of Candidate and Doctor of Sciences in Philology. 

Periodicity – 4 times per year. It is inacceptable for the publisher to break the established terms of publication and release of any issue of the Journal out-of-term.

Research papers are published in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Duutsch.

Founder: Nizhyn Mykola Gogol State University.

The collection of research papers “Literature and Culture of Polissia Region” was founded in 1990 at the Nizhyn Pedagogical Institute, renamed into Gogol State University in 2004. Since then the periodical has seen 91 issues with a total of 2, 836 articles. The periodical offers papers in such humanities as linguistics, literature, folklore, history and culture in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. The periodical was founded as a regional publication concerning problems of history and culture of the Polissia Region which stretches over a number of areas of Ukraine, Russia and Poland.
The periodical regularly publishes articles about the life and work of the famous writer Nikolai Gogol who graduated from the Bezborodko Nizhyn Lyceum as well as of other literary figures and representatives of different artistic trends of the Polissia Region. One of the leading research topics concerns the languages of the region while historical studies touch upon the problems of international relations and little known events of establishing Ukrainian statehood.
The editorial board includes prominent scholars in particular research fields from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany. According to the Resolution of Ukrainian Attestation Board and the order of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science the periodical is listed among scientific publications appropriate for making public the results of theses by applicants for Degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences in Philology and History. Since 2013 the papers of the periodical have been covering the research fields of philology, history and culture which contributed to harmonizing its contents and preserved its status of an integral volume in the humanities.
The periodical is registered in the ISSN system possessing its unique ISSN code. Every article meets the requirements for research papers formatting attached at the end of the issues, possesses the UDC code, abstracts and key words listed in Ukrainian, Russian and English with introductions outlining topicality, novelty and aim of particular articles. Every contribution is completed with a conclusion section and a list of cited literature.
The papers authored by researchers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, USA, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Germany and other countries are peer reviewed.
The periodical has both print and electronic editions of all the issues which are indexed by the Vernadsky National Library website making them available to wide readership. The print edition is distributed among 16 libraries of Ukraine and some other states (Russia, USA etc) as well as the authors from those countries. Review articles about the contents of the volumes are published both in this periodical (issues 74, 78) and other Ukrainian journals. The periodical also offers bibliography of its previously published papers (issues 40, 60).

The editorial board considers as a priority to include the Journal into international abstract and scientometric databases, including Scopus and Web of Science.