System approach and "clash of civilizations" in international relationship – historiosophical review

  • E. M. Kuchmenko Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Department of World History and International Relations
Keywords: system approach, clash of civilizations, international relations, politics


The article deals with the problems that are associated with vector changes in international relations and existing approaches regarding the unleashing of modern and subsequent problems in international politics due to the "clash of civilizations". The points of view on this problem are given by researchers from both the West and the East, who are trying to analyze these changes and based on this analysis their views on the further development of international relations are considered. It should be noted that their views are divided. Thus, a linear, historical school asserts that Western civilization is a universal civilization that is perceived by all humanity, that is, its culture is perceived, the type of social relations and ways of exercising political power. The facts are presented and analyzed, which testify in favor of the concept of the "clash of civilizations". However, they replace the concept of "clash of civilizations" with cycles in which the economy plays a significant role; the point of view of
those who defend the correctness of the systems approach is also given. It is said about the possibility of transferring the center of international relations from the West to the East, taking into account the role of the "third world", its development and opportunities, due to the reforms that are taking place there, but taking into account sociocultural traditions.


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