Lingvopsychological Interdisciplinarity in Determining the Problems of Speech Activity in the Course of General Linguistics

  • N. І. Klypa Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Slavonic Philology, Comparative Studies and Translation, Nizhyn Mykola Gogol State University
Keywords: speech activity role, cognitive paradigm, concept


The article deals with an approach to interdisciplinarity in teaching Linguistic Science. In order to confirm a linguistic paradigm of cognitive linguistics in the course, the author encounters some unclear scientific terminology of speech activity category in psychology and linguistics. It is analyzed by professor A. S. Zelenko in his study devoted to the analysis of the problem of semantics in linguistics; by psychologist O. A. Zelenko, who claims about the category of general psychology of consciousness, on the basis of which the reforming of higher Ukrainian education is substantiated. Each of the scientists has different subject matters: the first scientisthandles the problems of semasiology, while the main focus of the second scientist is the category of mental activity and consciousness. What combines these two scholars is a conscious aspect of solving their stated problems. On the basis of a comparative analysis of the concepts in psychology and linguistics, it becomes apparent in the aspect of the cognitive paradigm that consciousness is a form of the psychic activity of Elitnyk, which is realized by the language model of the world. It is divided into everyday, artistic and scientific sub-models. The latter arises as structured systems of concepts. Concepts in the aspect of the descriptive paradigm as texts are divided into the whole range of linguistic categories.


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