The emergence of the process of cooperation at the Ukraine – NATO level, its main directions and perspective areas of development of partnership relations

  • A. O. Magomedov 3 year graduate student at the Department of History of Ukraine Nizhyn Mykola Gogol State University named after Nikolai Gogol
Keywords: NATO, Nort Atlantic Alliance, Partnership for Peace


In this article, historical and theoretical aspects of the main spheres and areas of cooperation between Ukraine and the Nort Atlantic Alliance are explored. The current programs, initiated by NATO within the framework of the "Partnership for peace" agreement, are considered. An assessment was made of NATO’s influence on the reform process in Ukraine. The emphasis is placed on the priority of combating corruption at all levels of the power vertical, trough the creation of a clear, sectoral and fully autonomous anti-corruption system against official misuse. A special historic role is assigned to an independent Anticorruption Court, as a separate judicial branch, responsible for the punishment of bribe-takers.The position of the Alliance on the participation of civil society in decision-making within the framework of the "civil dimension" of NATO has been determined. The possible options for further deepening and improving the level of cooperation of the Ukrainian state with NATO and the course for accession are considered. Separately, the stages of the origin of the transatlantic cooperation of Ukraine with the separate structures of the North Atlantic Alliance after the collapse of the Soviet Union and proclamation of its full independence have been analyzed. The attention is drawn to the specific situation of Ukraine as a buffer territory between the two opposite systems of its essence and ideology. Such an arrangement of the state obliges the ruling elite to make the most important decisions on issues of state building and the movement towards European cooperation, balancing, taking into account all possible negative effects of alternative external influence. An attempt was made to elaborate on the structure and nature of the military interaction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with similar units of the Allied Alliance by troop descent. Including the perception of the Ukrainian military’s invaluable experience of the NATO military units that they received during their engagement in combat operations and peacekeeping missions in different parts of the planet.


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